Textured finishes gallery


Plaster is one of the oldest decorative materials used as far back as 9,000 years ago. Textured applications provide some of the most interesting finishes imaginable.  You can accomplish gorgeous classic, rustic and old-world finishes with texture.  To achieve the most unique designs,  a combination of different textures can be utilized. Mixing textures with patterns, stencils, or glazes offers an endless variety of designs.   Faux tiles, marble, and bricks take on a very authentic look with plaster.  Many Plasters I use are actually natural and return back into its real stone finish (such as lime stone) once they dry.  These finishes breath, absorb moisture and have a resistance to alkali and bacteria. Many of the natural products can withstand outdoor elements and have a natural resistance to micro-organisms such as fungi and algae and are easy to maintain.  This is why textures are so popular in bathrooms, commercial properties and high traffic areas.  Many plasters can be used anywhere, even on counter tops. 

textured finishes

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